And Then God Laughed

So, way back in May, I made the comment that my days of just surviving may have passed.

God must read my blog because he seemed to look at that declaration as a challenge. Pretty soon after that, I was in and out of doctor appointments trying to get to the bottom of what turned out to be a thyroid issue. About a week after I finally started feeling better, I started feeling HORRIBLE. In response, I started preparing for more doctor appointments and a little voice told me maybe I should take a pregnancy test.

And lo and behold…


Well. Whattya know.

So, after being COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY at this revelation (yes, we know what causes pregnancy, so ha-ha to all you jokesters) we were overcome with gratitude that we get the opportunity to experience this again. We didn’t think it was possible for us to get pregnant ‘on our own’ and we certainly weren’t planning on such, but certainly view it as a gift and a profound blessing.

I had to grip very tightly to those feelings of “blessing” because the first trimester tried to take me under. I wasn’t Princess Kate sick, but I felt the irony of how growing new life sure makes you feel like death warmed over  every single day. Poor Elly. She had to endure her summer with a momma beached on the coach while she watched Frozen again and again. Thank goodness for Nana and Granddaddy and their willingness to play outside with her and let her enjoy being 2.

But thankfully, around week 14, I started to see the light. My stamina started returning and I could finally concentrate on more than literally just surviving the day. That was indeed a blessing too.

So now, here we are, almost halfway. (I’m 19 1/2 weeks). HALFWAY. It seems a little impossible. I know the next couple of months are going to fly by with the holidays and such, but I have a sneaking suspicion those long days of January are going to wear on my 8-month pregnant self. Hopefully, with the excitement of the approaching due date, I’ll be able to make the best of those days doing fun stuff to get ready for the new addition!

We did something a little different this time than we did with Elly. We had an early 4-D ultrasound done to determine the sex of the baby. Important shopping was going to take place in Gatlinburg and it just so happened I was 14 1/2 weeks right before we left and that’s when they can begin to predict gender. However, doctors will staunchly argue that this isn’t possible, but we did it anyway and early reports say BOY!!!


Again, totally shocked. Until the appointment, Michael and I were both 50/50 on whether we thought it was a girl or boy and equally what we “wanted.” But for whatever reason, we had evidently convinced ourselves that it was indeed a girl. When the tech asked if we were ready to know (which was surprisingly early into the appointment) I turned and said, “it’s another girl, isn’t it?” Caught a little off-guard, she said with complete conviction, “It’s a boy” and then proceeded to show us our proud boy in all his glory. I unexpectedly teared-up and Michael was pretty overcome himself. The part of me that always dreamed of the “nuclear” family couldn’t have been more thrilled and I just couldn’t get over this completely unexpected blessing of not only what appears to be a healthily-progressing pregnancy, but now a BROTHER for Elly and a SON for us. Unreal. We have the “big” ultrasound next Friday, so we’re hoping for NO surprises at that appointment!

Right, God? NO surprises! 🙂



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