My Love of Fall Trumps Your Love of Fall

I win.

If you could take a sampling of all the female bloggers who live in an area that experiences any remote semblance of four seasons and I guarantee most of their “About Me” sections will include something about their love of fall.


I’m here to tell all you fall-lover-wannabes, I WIN. I love fall more than you. I just do. I could literally dance and sing when the temps drop and the humidity disappears…it’s literally the most glorious time of year. End of story.

All kidding aside, there’s no question the autumn season is when I feel most alive. I should strongly consider making my “new year’s resolutions” in fall because I could totally last longer doing something in the fall than I ever could in the dreary days of January.2014-09-23 10.21.12I’m not entirely sure where my love of fall comes from. I’m an October baby, so I’m sure by some law of nature, I’m supposed to love fall (although I’ve known plenty of fellow fall babies who don’t love fall) so who knows.




My husband (and family) is baffled by my love and knowledge of football every year. Again, I DON’T KNOW. I just love it. Michael seems to think my history in band and cheerleading led to my affection for the boys in pads, and that’s absolutely possible, but whatever the reason, BRING ON THE PIGSKIN.

IMG_558485623768635But I tend to think my autumn affinity is deeper than that. It never ceases to amaze me that God completely transforms the Earth in preparation of the seasons to come – but first, he shows off, and literally paints a picture that’s humanly unmatched. How can you not love that?


There is one thing I dislike about fall – the illnesses that accompany seasonal allergies and other bugs that seem to come out of nowhere in the fall – but those are usually temporary and might just slow us down enough so we can look around and enjoy the trees and watch one more NFL game. Totally worth it.

So I’m going to enjoy my cider and yoga pants and focus on the fresh air.

And share my love with all the other fall fiends out there too. I’ll provide the flannel blanket for us all. 🙂

Fall is here

One thought on “My Love of Fall Trumps Your Love of Fall

  1. Hey why didn’t you post on FB. Very good and explains your love for fall–which I have known all your life! Except for the football thing!! LOL

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