Qualms and Psalms is a second-generation, give-it-another-go attempt at blogging. As most bloggers (writers of any sort, really) will tell you, writing is hugely cathartic for me. I don’t claim to have anything important to say, just a tiny corner of the .com generation to call my own.

…speaking of the .com

Qualms and Psalms is quite a unique title, agree? Unlike just about everything else on this page, including any pictures, I can’t take credit for this witty moniker.

I was tossing around the idea of realigning and thus relocating my blog and mentioned my idea to my lifelong friend Amy. She agreed that my reasons for “starting over” were legitimate and agreed I needed a great title to fully own. I tried coming up with my own titles, of course, but most seemed cheesy, boring, or were too long. She too, started firing off name options that popped into her mind. After a few, this little gem flashed onto my text screen and I knew, that was it. For months, I wrestled with being a fraud and using a title that wasn’t my own brainchild until the day came that I had to ultimately decide. Another text conversation with Amy revealed that she certainly didn’t have any qualms with me using the title, that it was her gift to me.

Just like in Friends when Monica gives Rachel her baby girl name, Emma. Because it’s PERFECT.

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