Dance With Your Daddy

I didn’t intend for every post I write to be about Dad when I ‘returned’ to blogging, but “out of the heart, the mouth speaks” and that seems to be the case with writing as well.

I was a sub at the high school this week and even though it’s not the same physical building where Dad taught (or was basically his second home) it still drips with memories in unexpected or surprising ways. Yesterday, the school was buzzing with prom preparations and aside from loving all the decorating and festooning they were doing, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my prom days.

Most people have similar memories of prom – all the preparations, the dress, the tux, the pictures, the fun that was had…but my prom memories start very early because my parents often served as chaperones for the event. That didn’t change when my brother and then later I got to high school. Most people would thing this would be embarrassing or just plain horrible to have YOUR PARENTS at your prom. Not me.

2017-04-29 09.39.17

Speaking yet again to what a just all-around fantastic guy he was, my dad was awesome to have at prom (or any event for that matter.) At the beginning of the night, he would stay in the wings with the other teachers and chaperones while moms took pictures of arrivals and prepared the food. But when the lights went down and the dance floor lit up? Guess who was out there, cuttin’ a rug? Dad. And everyone loved it. Back in those days (I’m old, I know), we had a live band and they played songs from “oldies” to 80’s rock. He left the DJ’d stuff and the slow dances to me and my date, but as long as the band was rockin’, so was Dad – along with a dancefloor full of other kids getting a kick out of a teacher/coach having a good time. Our favorites were Devil with a Blue Dress (appropriate the year I wore blue, ha!) and Mustang Sally. Oh, how I’ll never forget.

2017-04-29 09.39.57

So prom-goers (or really just daughters in general), get over your reservations and set aside any embarrassment. If you’re not as lucky to have a Dad who dances, at least humor him with some great pictures – trust me, NO ONE will think you’re more beautiful on prom night that your Daddy. But if you get the chance, TAKE IT. And dance with your Dad. You won’t regret it.

2017-04-29 10.56.36

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