Silence is Golden

Sometimes I wonder why I write at all. It happens as often as once a week that I stumble upon an article, a blog post, or even a book that I literally could have penned myself. This used to really bother me and was a huge hang-up for writing at all, but when I have a dry spell and I just can’t bring myself to write, I’m thankful that someone has taken the time to write down the EXACT thoughts I’ve had. (Or at least similar enough ones that I can feel justified.)

Just such a thing happened this week when this blog post popped up on Facebook. Down to and including some of the dry humor, I could have spoken or written these very words myself. This post isn’t really anything extraordinary and there are probably 100’s of other similar ones that have received as much attention, but this one particularly got to me because it addressed infertility in a way that really hit home.

So, enjoy this post below. And thank you to those who take the time to write my thoughts.

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