The World According to Sheldon Cooper

Another show Michael and I have become somewhat obsessed with (yes, we watch a lot of TV – don’t judge) is The Big Bang Theory. Since the show’s inception, I avoided it because I don’t subscribe to said “Big Bang Theory.” I believe in God and His creation of the universe, so therefore I felt it un-Christian of me to watch a show with such a title. That is, until I was stuck inside, 8 months pregnant in the dead of 100-degree summer days and was running out of things to keep me entertained. I caved and watched an episode and was immediately hooked. It took about 2 episodes for Michael to be hooked too, and the next thing I knew, we were at Target purchasing all of the previous seasons of TBBT in order to get caught up.

Sheldon Cooper is the quirky star of the show – actually, “quirky” may be putting it mildly. He’s OCD in the truest sense and for that alone, I immediately loved him. He defines his OCD and it’s necessity quite neatly here:

“It’s been six days since I was supposed to get a haircut. And nothing horrible has happened. …I have spent my whole life trying to bring order to the universe by carefully planning every moment of every day, but all my efforts – our dinner schedule, my pajama rotation – it’s clear now: I’ve been wasting my time.”

His friends then try to convince him that not knowing what’s coming is a good thing and that it could be healthy for him to ‘shake things up a bit.’

And this is what Sheldon does:

Yep. He goes crazy. Plays bongos in the middle of the night.

Oh how I can relate.

No, I’ve never played bongos in the middle of the night as a result of realizing that the world is a collective movement of chaos, but I have had many times when I get so frustrated with the chaos that I figuratively or literally throw my hands up and say, “To heck with it. What’s the point. Everything is a mess and always will be.”

It’s the same principle every single human being, OCD or not, deals with on a daily basis. It’s probably statistically what drives people to drink, smoke, take drugs, or simply act out irrationally. And even the most laid-back, roll-with-the-punches person is subject to something that makes them want to pick up their bongos.

Sheldon eventually gets his haircut and his world is a little less chaotic, but today, as I was re-organizing bathroom cabinets so that the towels were neatly folded in alternating colors, it dawned on me that finding calm in the chaos, however menial it may be, is what keeps us going. I’m a bonafied control freak and struggle with trying to let God temper that part of my personality. When I think back to the times that I have succumbed to the “to heck with it” philosophy, I wonder what would have happened had I not tried to control the chaos to begin with. Having a baby sort-of forces you to do this on a daily basis and some days that drives me banana sandwich. But when I let God lead the chaos – something Sheldon lacks – I’m much more relaxed, and so is everyone around me including my baby. More days than not for the past few months, the chaos we’re living right now has had me wishing for my own set of bongos more than I care to admit. But hopefully I can do a better job of keeping the chaos in perspective. With God’s help.

And maybe Sheldon’s bongos.

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